Social Media as a Tool for Extending Academic Teaching & Learning or Influence of Social Media in Students Academic Performance

Neha Malik,Dr. Gyandendra Nath Tiwari

This paper was to explore the usage of social media in day to day life of the college students and perception towards the using of social media with reference to academic performance, quality of life and language. In this paper researcher was explored the usage of social media technology that are helpful of college students in teaching learning process. Study aims to identify the purpose of using of social media. Method: A purposive sampling technique was applied to selection the sample. A self constructed social media inventory tool was applied on 41 college students to collect the information. The collected data was analyzed in the form of frequency and percentage. The finding of the study specify that majority of the students use the social media for communication, download study material , sharing files and photos and completion for their project work, home assignment etc. Mostly students are likely to use social media .It is easy to use and save time for communication. Social media is user friendly. Students opined that were using social media to study the different reference E-Books and experts reviews. Social media helps to improve the academic work. With the help of new advanced technology students are learn new language and enhanced the language proficiency while reading or writing. Social Media has positively influenced their quality of life, language and greatly helped them to achieve academic excellence.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1506-1511