UXD Community of Practice: An Interventionist Participatory Action Research Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academics

Azham Hussain,Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu,Idyawati Hussein

This research used an interventionist participatory action research approach to bridge the gap between industry and academics and to cross pollinate ideas between practitioners and researchers. The aim was to integrate practicing user experience design (UXD) professionals with students and academics in the universities. The results of the study showed that the approach employed was very productive in fostering collaboration and partnership between practitioners and academics, indicating great prospects for the future. The findings made an important contribution to bridging the gap between industry, academia, the researchers and community of practice. The results of this study point to the need for collaboration between industry and academia and within the CoP towards UXD establishment. Universities should be able to bring HCI students to visit HCI labs or other UXD practitioners for learning purposes. Correspondingly, industry practitioners should be able to access university facilities to perform user experience evaluations. Academic staff should invite industry practitioners to share their real-life industry experiences of UXD practice with HCI students.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1500-1505