Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) Using Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

A. Murugan,Tushar Chechare,B. Muriganantham,S. Ganesh Kumar,

To increase the availability of Electronic Medical Record’s (EMRs) healthcare industry is shifting its data and services on cloud. This cloud-based environment will improve the share ability and security of the patient’s medical records but in addition this, the system is inefficient to protect privacy and integrity of health care data from unauthorized access attempted from inside the cloud environment. In this paper we implemented a distributed HIE system using Hyperledger fabric blockchain for reliable and trusted exchange of EMR’s Between the patient and doctor which will overcome the limitations of conventional cloud-based ecosystem. We tried to make this HIE system more useable by including other aspects of healthcare such as Insurance organizations for improving patient’s insurance claims and Researcher Organizations who can make use of patient’s medical history for research purposes. Using Access Control Language (ACL), we enforced restrictions on the participants of the network to access patient’s medical records to retain necessary privacy requirements. Hyperledger Fabric is strictly a permissioned Blockchain where the Patient, who is owner of this Blockchain network holds all the access rights on his EMR’s. Due to Hyperledger fabrics highly permissioned nature we provided an Emergency Access System (EAS) which will give access of patient’s partial EMR’s to the healthcare professionals in the emergency situations.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1420-1424