Perceived Training Needs of Science Teachers in Fostering HOTS among Lower Secondary Students in Peninsular Malaysia

NurulhudaAbd Rahman,Ong Eng Tek,Nor’ain Mohd Tajudin,Paramesvary a/p Perumal,Khuan Wai Bing

This study aims to determine the perceived training needs of lower secondary science teachers in Peninsular Malaysia, to enable them to foster Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among students during science lessons. The study uses the cross-sectional survey design. Respondents were sampled using the multistage random sampling technique from a population of in-service lower secondary science teachers in Peninsular Malaysia, involving four states, 49 districts, and 158 schools. Self-completion of a questionnaire that was developed based on Borich Needs Assessment Model that is valid and reliable and mail back data collection method yielded a response rate of 65.3% (n=220).Qualitative data of teachers understanding about HOTS and ways to foster HOTS were analysed thematically while quantitative data of teachers’ perceived level of importance, confidence and actual practice for 33 ways of fostering HOTS items were determined using descriptive statistics such as frequency and Mean Weighted Discrepancy Scores (MWDS). Both analyses showed that two-third of the science teachers should be provided with knowledge of HOTS with explicit examples, as well as knowledge of ways to foster HOTS with appropriate examples related to science teaching. The study also revealed that teachers need training in all 33 selected ways of fostering HOTS with the top nine perceived training needs being “Debates”, “Critical reviews of peers’ work”, “Six Thinking Hats”, “Case Study”, “De Bono’s lateral thinking”, “Challenging teacher’s/peers’ ideas”, “Designing Model/ Prototype”, “Project-based learning” and “Think-Pair-Share”. We conclude that there is a need to train teachers in aspects related to HOTS and that the training should be subject-specific to ensure training transfer that is relevant and effective with regards to fostering HOTS in the classroom. This finding offers important information for in-service and pre-service training designers/planners specifically in the area of fostering HOTS in teaching science.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1409-1419