Identifying Safety Management System (SMS) Components in Aviation Industry: Key Initial Findings from Aviation Experts

Azlina Mohd Ali,Nor Aida Abdul Rahman,Bahtiar Mohamad,Md Fauzi Ahmad

Safety is the central issue in many organization especially that operates in the aviation industry. Behind any accident is a failure of the organization in managing their safety and improving air safety is a must in any type of aviation organization including airline, airports, ground handlers, as well as the MROs (maintenance repair and overhaul). It is acknowledged, the connection between accidents rate and Safety Management System (SMS) program is critical as this program could have a potential system in preventing loss of life and injuries. Past literature has shown inconsistency regarding findings in safety management system practice, such as in term of measuring dimensions of SMS and the relationship between four main components of SMS. Therefore, this paper aim to identify identify the level of understanding required by aviation experts in various fields and relationship with regards to 4 components of SMS. This paper adopts quantitative method by employing close ended survey method. The data collected from thirty-six (36) respondents. The reliability and validity of all scales were found to be acceptable with (0.921). The results show that significant relationships exist between all four (4) components with highly correlated value, max=0.965, and min=0.650. This study aims to enhance knowledge of current understanding on a view of compliance of current practice with international standard by ICAO. This study enhances current understanding of safety components in the aviation industry.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1404-1408