Behavior using the Personal Protective Equipment of the Craftsmen of Mandar Teak Furniture in East Banggae Sub-District Majene Regency

Bambang,Ridwan M. Thaha,Syamsiar S Russeng

This study aimed to analyze the behavior of the craftsmen of Mandar teak furniture in using the personal protective equipment in east Banggae Sub-District, Majene Regency, West Sulawesi Province. The research uses the qualitative case study approach. The main informants comprising eight craftsmen and the supporting Informants include two people, namely owner and a representative of the social service office of the ministry of the manpower and transmigration. The data collection used in depth interviews and observation. The research result indicated that knowledge of the craftsmen is based on the experience gained from previous place of employment. The perception of craftsmen about personal protective equipment is essential to use it in the work if it is required by the owner. The motivation of the craftsmen in using personal protective equipment is only while working at risky or danger area due to previous work experiences. In addition, there is no regulation or oversight in the use of PPE in the work location as well as the lack of facilities available PPE in the work location. Safety behavior of craftsmen in the work location based on the awareness of each craftsman gained through experience of occupational accidents in the work location.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1363-1367