A New Paradigm: Psychovisual Modulation to Project Movie in Theatre to Get Rid of Theatre Piracy

Nilesh Kumar Dubey and Hardik Modi

A new video projection system to get the better off against illegal recording in cinema theaters utilizing the newly developed approach of temporal psychovisual modulation (TPVM). This approach utilizes the gap of image formation in HVS and mobile cameras; an image formed in HVS is based on analog signaling of light, although advanced video acquisition devices depend on discrete examining of sunshine sensors. Less sensitivity for the spatial high-frequency structures is one in all the foremost vital limitations of the HVS, will be utilized as a solution to get rid of from theatre piracy. Each frame of movie has been split into multiple very fine frames so that, when these fine frames are projected in theatre at frame rate at least 70 per second, movie watcher will not experience any artifacts in movie, nevertheless the illegally recorded movie from video acquisition devices will contain very serious artifacts, degrade the illegally recorded video for any business esteems.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 392-396