Good Characters Learning among Children Aged between Three Years and Six Years Old based on Clean and Healthy Life Behavior

Nurul Hartini

This study’s aim was to analyze the effect of good characters learning toward children aged between 3 years and 6 years based on healthy and clean life behavior. This study was descriptive explanatory research whichwas conducted in three years. In first year, the identification characteristics of psychological needs of orphanage children aged between 3 years and 6 yearswas done. In second year, the effectiveness of model development of good character learning among orphanage children aged 3 years and 6 yearswas done. The data was obtained by survey technique such as observation, interview, questionnaire and focus group discussion (FGD) on the caregiver of orphanage. The result in first year showed that the orphanage caregiver still perceives care for the children as pressure or stress. The results also showed that the caregiver faced a number of limitation. The unbalanced amount between the number of caregivers and foster children is the main limitation. In addition, limitation were faced in terms of human resources and infrastructure. Results also showed that implication of the learning model on olderchildren have proven to be quite effective in building clean and healthy behaviors.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1308-1312