Optimization of Permits to Employ Foreign Workers (IMTA) Extension Retribution in East Java Province

Mohammad Nasih,Arief Firmansyah,

The aim of this study is to determine the budgetary slack in the preparation of the target and identify the strategy being made by the Provincial Government of East Java in the optimizing retribution extension of IMTA. The informants used in this study are a levies collector and compulsory levies. The informants are derived from the levy collectors, among others treasurer reception, head of section for employment, staff IMTA Integrated Licensing Service (P2T), and the head of the Supervisory Norma Work. The informants from compulsory levies are based on the recommendation of staff from IMTA P2T.The results from this study indicated that the Chief Disnakertransduk Province of East Java, is an agency of the Governor of East Java Province in the public sector, which has created a budgetary slack in setting targets on IMTA levy extension. In optimization strategy levies extension, IMTA was done by issuing the Regional Regulation No. 15 in 2013. The intensification was done by expanding the revenue base, strengthening the collection process, improve supervision, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of collection and doing good planning.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1257-1263