The Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution System using Water Cycle Algorithm

Kalidas Babu Gera and Dr.P.V. Ramana Rao

This work intends a novel method called water cycle algorithm for allocating optimal location of solar photovoltaic dispersion generation. Three distinctive operational assumed load power factors of distribution systems cases are considered to assess the execution of the proposed system. WCA is another population-based meta-heuristic technique essential thought and considerations which underlie the projected technique propelled from nature and reliant on the view of water cycle process and how rivers and streams flow towards sea in reality. The location of distributed generation have terrible conflict on the system real power losses diminution and voltage profile enhancement in radial distribution systems and by the side of same time non-optimal locations of distributed generation units might lead to enlarge power losses, in concert with bad effect on voltage profile. The implemented algorithm furnish predominant execution of framework and excel recognized upgrades of objective function includes voltage stability index, system loss index, and optimal location. The recreated outcomes show the adequacy of the proposed strategy contrasted and other improvement calculations. Case study on IEEE 38-bus distribution effectively checks the execution of the proposed methodology.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 381-391