Distributed Hybrid AODV Algorithm for Path Concern in MANET Using Bio Inspired Techniques

Dr.J. Rajaram and Dr.M. Dhasaratham

The mobile ad-hoc network is the self configuring type of network in which mobile nodes can join or leave the network when they want. In this work, AODV, DSR and DSDV routing protocol is compared under various parameters like delay, packet loss and throughput. The improvement in the AODV protocol will be proposed for path concern from source to destination. The proposed improvement will be based on bio-inspired techniques. These bio-inspired techniques are cuckoo search and bee colony algorithm. The cuckoo search and bee colony algorithm will search optimal path from source to destination. The searched path will be compared with the AODV protocol and nodes which are common in the path are selected as the best nodes for the path. The protocol technique is implemented in NS2 and it is been analyzed that it performs well in terms of throughput, delay and packet loss than AODV protocol.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 115-121