Effect of Investment, Leverage and Dividend Policy toward Firm Value (Empirical Study on Industrial and Manufacturing Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2013-2015)

Soegeng Soetedjo,Adelia Yanuansari Ardinda,

The study was aimed to test and prove empirically the influence of investment (CEPMBA), leverage (DER) and dividend policy (DPR) toward firm value (TOBINS) of the companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (ISE). The study used secondary data such as annual reporting from manufacturer companies which listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange for 2013 to 2015. The quantitative approach was usedin this study. Sample in this research was selected by using the census method and showed there were 193 companies as the final sample that met the criteria of that was established in this work. This study had used multiple regression analysis and SPSS program. The result of this research showed that investmenst had a significant influence on the firm value with regression coefficient of 4.372. On the other hand, result showed that leverage variable exhibited a non significant negative effect on firm value with regression coefficient of-0.079. Finally, the result showed that dividend policy had non-significant influence on firm value.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1207-1213