Types of Knowledge in Year Four Mathematics Textbook in Malaysia and Singapore

Fauziah Abd Kadir,Nik Azis Nik Pa,

This paper describes an investigation of the types of knowledge that are portrayed in Year Four Mathematics Textbooks in Malaysia and Primary Four Mathematics Textbooks in Singapore. This study examines three topics that have many similarities in both textbooks. The three selected topics are whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. This study adopts the universal integrated approach that is comprehensive and universally associated with the element of faith and obedience to God. Case study is used as research design, while the data is collected through quantitative content analysis technique. Findings indicate that both mathematics textbooks showed four types of knowledge (factual and linguistics, conceptual, procedural, and strategic) with emphasis on the conceptual knowledge. However, the expression of ethical knowledge in both textbooks cannot be clearly identified.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 482-490