A Novel Interleaved Soft Switching Tri- State Boost Converter with Low Ripple and High Voltage Gain

A. Sriharibabu, G. Srinivasa Rao

In this paper, a novel interleaved soft switching tri-state boost converter (ISTBC) is proposed. The proposed topology is developed by conceiving the idea that interleaved connection of converters enhances the overall system rating with the improvement of power handling capabilities and the reduction of ripple content in the source current and in output voltage. But the presence of a right-half-plane (RHP) zero in the small signal analysis of all interleaved boost converters rises the non-minimum phase problem. The best choice to eliminate this RHP zero there by voltage dip is the adaption of tri-state boost converter (TBC) topology. Therefore, in the proposed converter topology the advantages of both Inter leaved boost converter (IBC) and TBC are to be imported. A soft switching method is also adapted in the proposed topology to reduce the switching losses. Operation of the proposed ISTBC topology is presented through the mode wise analysis. The performance analysis of ISTBC is studied along withTBC, interleaved TBC (ITBC) in MATLAB Simulink Platform. It is found that the proposed ISTBC is with less ripple content and high voltage gain as compared with the TBC andITBC.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 459-464