Dual Frequency VivaldiAntenna Array with Corporate Feed for Ka-Band

Satish Kanapala,Bullibabu Duddu,,Gajjala Ashok,

A eight element 1×8 vivaldi antenna array with corporate feed structure has been designed and investigated in this paper. Microstrip feed has been used to power the corporate feed structure. Proposed antenna radiates at the Ka-band frequencies of 24.62GHz and 26.53GHz which is widely used for the RADAR applications. For the design of corporate feed equal split Wilkinson power divider concepts are been used. Rogers 5880 material is been used as base to the antenna which is having a thickness of 0.787mm. Proposed antenna is having a gain of 12.1dB and 13.6 dB at the operatingfrequencies. From the return loss and smith chart plots we can observed the impedance matching characteristics of the antenna array.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 445-451