Wide Band Printed Monopole Antenna for Ku-Band Applications

Nelapati Ananda Rao,Gajjala Ashok,Nelapati Kumar Babu,

A Wide band printed monopole antenna has been proposed for the ku-band applications in this paper. Proposed antenna radiates in the frequency range of 13.68GHz to 15.05GHz which are useful in Radiolocation and satellite mobiles. To design the antenna a low cost glass epoxy FR4 substrate has been utilised. The basic radiating element is a circular patch in which two slots were etched of which one is a square ring slot and the other is s circular slot. The overall dimension of the antenna is 40mm×48mm×1.59mm. Microstrip line feed is used to feed the slotted circular patch. A considerable gain of 2.8dB and 5.6dB is observed at the two intermediate resonating frequencies of 13.94GHz and 14.55GHz. The antenna structure consists of a circular patch with a square ring slot and a circular slot which is used to achieve proper impedance matching.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 437-444