The Significance of Communicative Approach in Teaching Dialogue Speech

Zhazira Issayeva, Gulzat Berkinbayeva, Gulnaz Berkinbayeva and Alissa Tazabek Kanalbekkyzy

Article is devoted to the system of dialogue trainings of secondary school pupils. Special features of the dialogical speech are presented: as: a) unit of the dialogical speech is the so-called dialogical unity (mini dialogue); b) ellipses, dislocations are peculiar to remarks the dialogical speech; c) the dialogical speech is not only questions and answers; d) the dialogical speech is rich with colloquial formulas and a cliche. Characteristic of deductive and inductive methods of training in dialogue and also the main exercises training ability to support a conversation are presented in the article. All the techniques and strategies in this technology are somehow built on discussion, the ability to communicate and argue coherently, giving arguments and evidence. They are directed to develop pupils’ critical thinking. And most importantly, they teach coherent, logically built and reasoned speech. Teaching dialogical speech should be conducted at all levels of learning. It happens that teaching program at secondary school is not properly payed attention to this issue. Therefore, using those or other techniques that involve dialogues, it is desirable to constantly emphasize attention to the requirements for oral speech.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 419-426