Problems of Humanism in M.Auezov’s Stories

Y.B. Abdimomynov, T.R. Abdikadyrova, B.U. Smanov, M.K. Sarsembaeva and S.M. Shormakova

The article from a scientific point of view comprehensively analyzes in a new way the interpretative humanistic ideas raised as a special problem in the artistic stories of 1920-1930, the classic of Kazakh literature M. Auezov. The real manifestation of humanism in literature, which began with the writer’s artistic stories and continued to a great epic novel, is determined by the opposite descriptions of the irreconcilable mutual struggle of man and nature, humanity and evil, mercy and violence, good and evil. In the writer’s stories, thoughts are given that along with problems about the life and life of a simple aul of the Kazakh people, the centuries-old fateful everyday, moral problems of the Kazakh people, human values are also manifested. In addition, the artistic stories of M. Auezov are analyzed in comparison with the works of great writers who have left their mark on world literature, N. Karamzin, G. Flaubert, L. Tolstoy. Considering the fact that they wrote wonderful works with various descriptions of the problems of morality and morality, which received special significance in the spiritual culture of all mankind, also says that in this issue M.Auezov showed a particular originality.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 401-408