Flight Delay Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm XGBoost

K.P. Surya Teja, Vigneswara Reddy and Dr. Shaik Subhani

Growth in aviation industries has resulted in air-traffic jamming causing flight delays. Flight delays not only have economic impact but also injurious environmental properties. Air-traffic supervision is becoming increasingly challenging. Airlines delays make immense loss for business field as well as in budget loss for a country, there are so many reasons for impede in flights some of them are, some of them are due to security issues, mechanical problems, due to weather conditions, Airport congestion etc. we are proposing machine learning algorithms like XGBoost regressed, Linear regression Techniques. The aim of this research work is to predict Flight Delay, Which is highest economy producing field for many countries and among many transportation this one is fastest and comfort, so to identify and reduce flight delays, can dramatically reduce the flight delays to saves huge amount of turnovers, using machine-learning algorithms.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 379-388