A Mechanism for the Storage and Retrieval of Passwords Using Cloud

Dr.N. Susila, Sruthi Anand, Dr.Granty Regina Elwin, H. Ayisha Farhin, M. Aravind Kumar and J. Divakar

Every aspect in the present world has been rationalized. Each task that takes place in day to day life such as net-banking, online shopping entail password to form a nuisance free environment. The file access systems and mail conversations in business environment also require passwords. Some sites require a separate password exclusively whereas many applications connect their passwords with social networking companies. Comprising the same passwords for storing data and using the same passwords for many applications has become human proclivity. Therefore securing passwords has become a major provocation in today’s world. Thus as a motivating technology Cloud computing with wide availability, it makes the work efficient and ease. As users since we have many passwords we use for many applications it has become necessary to secure our passwords. Some inferences have been done in order to bring assurance to people of securing passwords. In this paper, on comparing various models with Cloud infrastructure, we aim in developing a biometric based authentication system for securing and maintaining passwords. It is two step authentication system which reduces the difficulties of users to manage and recollect passwords.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 354-358