An Action based Test Suite for Evaluating Multi Agent Software Systems

E. Ajith Jubilson and Dr. Ravi Sankar Sangam

The emergence of automated testing which involves creation of automated test cases has fostered the need of a self-contained testing strategy for agent based systems. Action based testing is a high level agile methodology wherein quality test cases are created, executed and analyzed and are integrated to the testing process of an agent based system. The use of action based testing in an agent environment increases the readability of test cases and plays a vital role in increasing the maintainability of an agent oriented systems. Agile methodology is utilized in many testing methodologies, in which more effort is spent to satisfy the customer requirements rather than working on the deliverable. Metrics used in this paper are used to evaluate and identify the defects which occur in software agents. Existing evaluating techniques for measuring quality of Multi Agent Software (MAS) systems fail to addresses potential communication, initiative behavior and learning ability. This paper comes out with an automated test suite consisting of metrics to address the issues of evaluating MAS.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 770-778