The Impact of Strategic Planning and Customer Focus on Organizational Excellence among Head Unit Officers within Fujairah Police

Saeed Alhmoudi, Osama Isaac and Amiya Bhaumik

In the quest to improve performance, attention has been directed at organizational excellence to remain competitive through strategic planning and innovation. It must be emphasized that the dire need for excellence has led to several quality frameworks in various global regions. Fujairah police is the focus of this paper, where an innovative approach is applied to assess the impact of organizational. The data was collected from 209employees of Fujairah police department and analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) via Smart PLS 3.0. There were two main results: first, strategic planning has a positive impact on organizational excellence; second, customer focus significantly predicting organizational excellence. The proposed model explained 50% of the variance in organizational excellence. Theoretical and practical implications are also provided.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 714-724