Chassis to Prioritize the Requirements through AHP with Diminutive Comparisons

K. Glory Vijayaselvi and R. Thirumalai Selvi

Requirement Engineering is extremely significant phase in SDLC. Building of software and its functionalities is exclusively based on the requirements elicited for the project. The accomplishment and subside of the end product has direct correlation with this Requirement Phase. Hence the output quality of this phase plays a vital role. Requirement Prioritization Process (one of the process) in this phase helps the engineers to work out and find the prioritization among the requirements. Among all the methods available to prioritize the requirement, AHP is feasible but not for large scale projects. And this research work focused on applying AHP for larger projects. In this paper, we propose a framework to prioritize the requirements only with AHP considering Implementation Simplicity for Large Scale Application, Accuracy and Stakeholder‟s Participation. As a first step, the proposed framework has been evaluated through an exploratory case study that has fixed number of requirements to know about the actuality of the proposed framework, which has been conducted at a software company. The key findings and lessons learned from the work are presented.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 705-713