A Hybrid Cryptographic Algorithm for Securing Data in Cloud Storage

B. Mahalakshmi and G. Suseendran

Cloud computing significant plays a major role in all the sectors. The use of cloud resource is increasing rapidly. Since a small organization to higher the need of cloud is increasing on demand basis even for the individual too. Hence the data is stored in cloud server through some service providers from smaller to larger concern the threat on data becomes a major issues. CSP is providing strong protection to secure the data with the help of the third party but still there are many data breaches occurred. In this paper a hybrid cryptosystem is created with the help of the crypto provider and CSP. The amalgamation of symmetric and asymmetric are used to secure the records at a higher level. The key size, encryption time and high speed are the advantage of hybrid method. Using the symmetric and asymmetric method the key size is reduced but the complexity of encryption made the intruders difficult to decrypt the data. Here the confidentiality of the data and integrity also maintained.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 695-704