E-Learning Types, Opportunities and Skills

D. Pradeepa, Dr.A. Valarmady and Dr.K. Nithyanandam

E-learning is usually named the intentional use of networked info and technology in teaching and learning. A number of different terms also are wont to describe this mode of teaching and learning. They embrace on-line learning, virtual learning, distributed learning, network and web based learning. Fundamentally, they all refer to educational Processes that utilize information and communications technology to mediate asynchronous as well as synchronous learning and teaching activities. On nearer scrutiny, however, it will be clear that these labels refer to slightly different educational processes and as such they cannot be used synonymously with the term e-learning. The term e-learning contains tons over on-line learning, virtual learning, distributed learning, networked or web-based learning. As the letter “e” in e-learning stands for the word “electronic”, e-learning would incorporate all educational activities that are carried out by individuals or groups working online or offline, and synchronously or asynchronously via networked or standalone computers and different electronic devices. The growing interest in e-learning looks to be coming back from, many directions. These embrace organizations that have historically offered distance education schemes either during a single, dual or mixed mode setting. They see the incorporation of on-line learning in their repertoire as a logical extension of their distance education activities.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 670-672