An Experimental Study on Durability Properties of Normal Grade Concrete Containing Copper Slag as a Fine Aggregate

Ushakranti Jujjuri and Dr.K. Srinivasu

In the present days, the demand for natural sand has enormously increased, which makes it greater expensive and leads to environmental imbalance — these forces research to invent alternative materials in place of conventional materials. Copper slag is one of the alternative material obtained from the industry as a byproduct of copper production. Copper slag is a high-gravity glassy granular material. In this study, M30 concrete is used for experimental investigation in which copper slag is used in place of fine aggregate. The % replacement of copper slag is adopted in the range of 0 to 100% at an interval of 10%. In this experimental work, acid attack, sulphate attack, and water absorption tests were conducted from a durability point of view. Test results indicate that the blended concrete with copper slag shows better resistance compared with conventional concrete of same grade containing sand as a fine aggregate.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 327-334