Proposed Hybrid Security Algorithm for Wireless Sensors Network Security

Haider K. Hoomod*,Ali Jameel Al-Mousawi,JolanRokanNaif

Wireless sensor network systems are the most important systems in most of applications in our time and require a high level of protection of their data to prevent hackers from using this data, thus researches trends in how to secure these systems using traditional encryption algorithms. Encryption algorithms are the strongest defenses against hackers since the data will be in encrypted form. The more difficult the encryption algorithm for the system and the stronger security specifications, the more secure the data within this system and the greater the reliability of this system is higher. This paper discusses the process of creating a data security hybrid algorithm to secure wireless sensor network data by using a mix of security algorithms to increase the security of the data and thus increase the complexity of the hackers to make penetration almost impossible in the use of modern technologies in the process of data encryption. The cryptography process was used to increase the security of data within the wireless network system. In order to increase the strength of encryption, the use of chaos keys (using 3D Chen’s chaotic system) used in proposed modified Lightweight encryption systems. The sensors in the proposed system (where the hybrid Lightweight algorithm was applied) are four types of sensors, including mechanical types, thermal types, chemical types, and finally light species. Each type contains several sensors that share the same characteristics as the ones being tested.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 239-246