Influence of Trust, Security and Privacy on Mobile Payment Adoption


The reform initiatives of government, development of ICT, growth of smart phones and progress of various user friendly mobile Apps significantly accelerated mobile payments usage among people. Mobile payment has become trend recently The mobile payment application usage has grown from the place of online shopping, Ticketing, Restaurant, Electricity billing, etc. It is evidenced from the literature survey that convenience offered by digital platform is more attractive to switch over from cash mode to cashless transaction. The paper aims to analyze the influence of Trust, security & privacy on mobile payment adoption. The Research was undergone with a structured Questionnaire, sampling unit were individual who use mobile payment were taken for the study. The study result reveals that the mobile payment users are more concerned about security, privacy and trust which have more impact on the intention to use mobile payment and adoption of mobile payments

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 225-230