A Conceptual Model On Cross-Selling And Cross Buying In Banking Sector

Sapna Kumari,*Dr. P. Shalini

The conceptual paper research is based on Cross Selling at the banking industry in India. The main purpose of the research paper is to explain the relationship between commitment, satisfaction, trust, convenience, image conflicts towards customer retention and cross-by intention. The researcher has analysed past literatures and extensive studies to understand the Cross-Buying intention concepts and to understand the factors which influences the individual to select additional products available with the bank. The core observation of the research is to show that among all the factors such as commitment, satisfaction, trust and customer retention has a sophisticated relationship between Cross-Buying intention. The author scrutinized areas such as commitment, satisfaction, trust, convenience, image conflicts, personality traits of brand involvement in Cross-Buying and their significance in withholding the customers. The studies states that younger clients are more driven in towards Cross-Buying compared to the older clients. The findings of the study shows that single stop convenience positively influences Cross-Buying but the image conflicts, locational convenience does not show that positively influence towards Cross-Buying. In order to increase income and retain the existing customers the bankers should focus more on image conflicts, locational convenience to cross sell the products and their Cross-Buying ability. To develop the cross selling financial products the bankers should focus more on personality traits and brand development.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 219-224