Hypermarket Automation System with Field Assisting Robot-Storage Bot

Dr. Shaista Anwar and Anubhav Gupta

The bot in general is a machine, which performs specific automated tasks that are coded in to it. The Storage bot has been designed specifically to reduce human effort, human intervention, time, cost and management at large grocery or general-purpose stores addressing the problem of utility management. Each storage location will be assigned a unique recognisable code (barcode) for different items in the store. The bot will recognise each of these codes and position the items into the respective allocated storages in the grocery store thereby reducing inconvenience and unnecessary human effort. The following prototype will be developed with the help of an Arm Processor which will be inbuilt in the bot and will act as the brain of the bot. There will be camera located on the bot which will help in the identification of the barcode using image processing. As soon as the correct barcode is recognised the bot will start positioning the items in their respective locations. The luggage bot will autonomously guide itself using machine vision and robotic operating system

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 612-615