Study on Behaviour of Encased Composite Column Under Axial Compression

J. Leo Alex, L. Sabari Giri Vasan and A. Edwin

This paper focuses on analytical studies of light gauge embedded steel column and primary studies have been carried out to understand its behaviour under axial compression. The behaviour of the composite member is distinguished and compared among three parameters such as reinforced concrete column, light gauge enclosed column without reinforcement and light gauge enclosed column with reinforcement. The length and cross section of these three members are same and studies carried out for incremental axial compression using ABAQUS (FEA). Composite section are widely used in high rise construction and so the possible application of light gauge encased column will be a boom to sector. Comparing the analytical results with conventional reinforcement concrete column of same dimensions, the light gauge encased column without reinforcement shows 14% higher loading capacity, while light gauge encased column with reinforcement shows 22%.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 578-583