Protecting Location Information For Privacy Preservation And Subtituting Open-Bts In An Eco-Friendly Vanet Architecture

*Vijay Kumar Tripathi, Dr. S. Venkateswari

The utilization of location-based services has been enhanced with immense development in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks. The users are able to retrieve services round the clock, provided the presence of a strong and intelligent network. It has been identified that privacy information and location information of participating devices are prone to leakages resulting in an unsecure architecture. There is another challenge as the number of contributors in a particular network is not predictable at any given time. A notable number of researches have been carried out in this sector to protect valuable information from the users. Yet there are certain limitations and those are addressed in this approach. The original location of each user is masked by the virtual location ids for security purposes. These virtual values are obtained in run time and in coincidence with neighboring vehicles, road side units to mask the original information about the locations of vehicles. Selective information from an anonymity set and possibility of tracking information are considered as parameters to evaluate the proposed approach. Validations from simulated environments have demonstrated that the proposed approach is protecting the location information and reduce the chances of tracing the path of a vehicle. Investigative processes of proposed over existing methods has shown promising results in terms of security and location based services.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 192-200