Deterministic Code Allocation with Relative Indexing Sequence Technique for Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks

H. Anwer Basha, Dr.S. Arivalagan and Dr.R. Aunkumar

In wireless sensor networks (WSN), energy efficiency is the major design issue which needs to be resolved. Data compression is an efficient way to reduce the amount of data transmission and thereby reduces energy dissipation. Numerous data compression techniques are available, the techniques developed for WSN should be simple to implement and needs low computation complexity. Keeping these characteristics in mind, in this paper, we introduce a bounded code allocation with relative indexing sequence (DCA-RIS) technique for data compression in WSN. The presented DCA-RIS algorithm consists two main phases: codeword allocation using deterministic code allocation technique and encoding process using RIS method. The bounded code words allocated by the DCA technique are further encoded by the RIS method. The performance of the DCA-RIS method is successfully tested on the real world WSN dataset from Sensor scope. The experimental values depicted that the DCA-RIS method outperforms the traditional as well as recently proposed method sunder several performance measures.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 260-270