Comparative Study of LG Sand RC Framed Building Under Severe Seismic Zone

Vinay G. Popli, Varsha R. Harne, Palak S. Agrawal and Parag Belsare

Light gauge steel (LGS) frames are formed by framing thin cold-formed steel (CFS) sections into different elements such as floors, walls and trusses. LGS frames are usually combined with steel, gypsum, wood and fibre cement-based panels to form structural systems. A past research suggests the cost effectiveness of LGS construction with various other advantages for single storied building. This paper works out the cost effectiveness of the two storied LGS construction in seismic zone V (severe seismic zone). For comparison with RC construction, a two storied residential building was considered as a unit scale. Structural analysis, design and cost estimation was carried out for both techniques. The result shows that LGS construction is 22% cheaper and 4.45 times lighter than RC construction.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 243-248