Seismic Strengthening of Soft Storey Structures Using Damper

Sandesh G. Jharbade and H.P. Khungar

In recent time, multi-storey buildings are constructed with open ground which is kept open for the purpose of parking. Such buildings show poor performance as they exhibit stiffness irregularity which is caused because of absence of infills in the open ground storey. When the stiffness is reduced suddenly, ground storey columns are concentrated with higher stresses. Energy absorption devices are used to improve the seismic performance of building. This energy absorption device is either active or passive in nature. Active control devices have been found much complicated due to its large instrumentation and high cost. Passive control systems such as dampers, bracing systems etc. are found to be easy to install and cost is less as compared to active control devices. To improve seismic performance of buildings, use of dampers is becoming popular solution. This paper deals with the use of X-Plate metallic damper for the seismic protection of structural system. A seven storey building with open ground has been analyzed with and without X-Plate metallic damper with Inverted V bracing placed at soft storey under four real earthquake ground motions. The response quantities such as maximum displacement, maximum bending moment, and maximum shear force are compared. Analysis for non-liner time history is carried using standard analysis software SAP2000 and comparisons are shown in graphical format.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 229-236