Optimal Facts Device Integration for Security Enhancement of Power Grids Using Lion Optimization Algorithm

K. Kavitha

Nowadays secure operation of power systems has turned into a critical issue, as they are heavily loaded and are being worked in ways not been originally envisioned. More over any of the unexpected events like sudden increase in system loading may decline the bus voltages unexpectedly, subsequently threatening the system security. To overcome these circumstances, it is vital to have a study ahead and trace the locations that require necessary supporting devices. However the location and ratings of FACTS devices decide the degree to which the goal of enhancing the system performance is accomplished in a cost effective manner. System load ability and voltage stability have been treated as good indicators of power system security. So this work proposes an objective, to minimize overall line loading and overall voltage deviations to enhance the system security by the incorporation of FACTS devices. Since FACTS devices are expensive and considering practical implementation of the proposed work, cost of the device is augmented with the framed objective. The optimal placement of multi type FACTS devices has been carried out using LOA technique and the results are analyzed.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 200-217