Prevention of Bedsore in Physically Disabled Patients

M. Anisha, G. Vishnuvarthanan, K. Janani, S. Mercy Golda and M. Poornima Devi

In spite of improvements in medical industry and healthcare, pressure ulcers prevention remains high in hospitalized patients. These pressure ulcers prevails mostly in the patients who stays in hospital for long-term, assisted living at home, paralyzed patients and with other physical disorders excluding of their diagnosis and health care needs. Pressure ulcers are known as a type of skin lesion which affects the patient’s integrity of life and their caregiver become an important cause of morbidity and in some aspects contribute to the increase in the mortality or death rate. Pressure ulcers are of great cost to both the patient and the healthcare system. Devices have been developed with the goal of pressure ulcer prevention, but many available technically complex devices have been shown to be no more effective. Prevalence of these ulcers can be achieved by reducing pressures at bony prominences since pressure ulcers are high-cost and high adverse event. The major focus of this project is to develop a device that prevents the pressure ulcer which works on pressure elevation to reduce pressure in specific pressure points.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 193-199