Secured Packet Transfer using HASME for AODV Protocol to Detect Black hole and Gray hole Attack

G.Sabeena gnanaselvi*, Dr.T.V.Ananthan , Dr.Sumathy Eswaran

Communication has become an important aspect in today's daily routine. All the messages sent over from one device to another needs an excellent hit ratio in such a way that none of them are lost while transmission. This has extended a new area of research called Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANETs) where the communication between the mobile nodes takes place without any wired channel. Many research works make use of AODV protocol to detect and remove black hole and gray hole attacks. This paper has efficiently designed a secured packet transfer using HASME (Hybrid Algorithm for Secured MANET Environment) for AODV protocol to detect the Black hole and Gray hole attacks in the network. The HASME integrates Two Fish Algorithm with SHA-512 algorithm (TFIS) for effectively and securely routing the packets between various nodes and for also maintaining the integrity of the network. Transmitting messages securely within a network is one of the most important aspect of routing protocols that is well achieved by the proposed HASME algorithm. Experimental analysis shows how the packets are securely transferred in AODV protocol while using HASME.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 168-177