Impact of Training & Development Programs on Working Proficiency of Employees in Rajasthan: Engaged in Technical and Professional Institutions

Preeti Kulhari and Vinita Agarwal

The quality of Human Resource of any organization is regarded as an asset as well as a success factor. So every organization must improve the quality of Human Resource by investing time as well as resources. This can be achieved through the process of training. Training positively affects the job performance of the employees. Training plays an important role in inculcating positive changes in skill, knowledge and attitudes. So in today's fast changing world regarding technology and environment, training and development programmes are very essential to improve the performance of the employees at each and every level. Training is very necessary in Education sector also. This paper aims to determine the relationship between training and its impact on the performance of the employees in the education sector of Rajasthan. This study assesses whether training has positive impact on employee performance or not. For this study, a questionnaire was designed with structured questions to collect primary data from employees of various public and private sector institutions. In this paper, the impact of training and development on the working efficiency of employees especially in technical and professional institutes of Rajasthan .We all know that Education Industry is a growing industry now, where numerous private institutes have been opened so proper development of faculty as well as students has become an indispensable part since they are the future of our country.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1171-1178