Role of Human Resource Management in Small Scale Electrical Industries of Delhi NCR Region

Shobha Bhardwaj and Ajay Jain

Safe driving has become the need of time with the development of autonomous vehicles. VANET facilitates the driving experience to a great extent by enabling communication between vehicles on road. However, deployment of this promising technology has not become possible due to various security and privacy threats. Dissemination of fake informationin this network may lead to severe consequences like accidents. It is therefore necessary to evaluate trustworthiness of received information to ensure reliable decisions.Various trust models has proposed so far to model the trustworthiness of data but still comparable evaluation of these models is still lacking. Aim of this paper is to find and compare existing trust models and derive appropriate setting to evaluate the any trust model. Methodology used for this purpose is systematic mapping. In this paper40 trust models are recognized and compared in VANET domain. Simulation- based evaluation is found to be best suited evaluation method and accuracy is most suited Evaluation metrics. The results of this paper will help the researchers to validate the effectiveness of their trust models.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1145-1158