Influence of Role-Demand on Work-Family Balance: Moderation by Role-Identity

Azelin Aziz, Nor Azimah Chew Abdullah and Awanis Ku Ishak

Many studies have examined the manner in which demands in work and family roles impact work-family experiences. Given that gender-role somewhat shapes an individual’s self-identity, this study suggests that an individual’s experience of favourable or unfavourable work-family experience depends on one’s salient identity. More specifically, this study aims to investigate the influence of one’s work and family identity on the relationship between role demand and work-family balance experience. Employing 204 women academics through a purposive sampling technique, a hierarchical regression was conducted to test the hypotheses. The results showed some evidence that one’s family-identity influences the effect of family-demand on work-family balance.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 1113-1119