A Review Of Recent Trends In Big Data Analytics Using Healthcare

*Magesh G, P Swarnalatha

Big data is an all-enveloping domain indispensable in the integration of advancement in technology into the life-style of modern man particularly with the advent of IoT and availability of cloud computing services. Its role in addressing several challenges in healthcare sector is considerable with its three significant attributes of volume, velocity and variety. Implementation of Big data analytics in healthcare applications has comprehensively transformed the way healthcare data is collected, stored, analyzed and processed. In this paper we discuss the use of Hadoop framework along with several tools, methods, models and techniques integrated into the Big data analytics for classification, analysis and transformation of the real-time streaming patients’ heterogeneous medical data from diverse sources into manoeuvrable digital electronic records and images for instant response to enhance the quality of healthcare services. We also discuss several approaches of machine learning and predictive algorithms for early diagnosis of disease and prompt remedial emergency measures. The outcome of the findings is expected to help the practitioners and all the stakeholders in terms of time, cost and ease in administration safeguarding the security and privacy of patient’s sensitive information.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 157-167