The Numerous Tactical Plans Affect Customer and Postal Service Relationship: The Mediating Role of Blockchain, An Empirical Study in Bangladesh

Mahadi Hasan Miraz, Mohamad Ghozali Hasan and Kamal Imran Sharif

Propose: In the study we aim to examine the impact of customer and postal relationship. In addition, we emphasize the advantages of blockchain technology usages in customer and postal industries in Bangladesh. Furthermore, to examine constrain of the blockchain practices in Postal service. Design/Methodology: This study consists quantitative research method and the instrument usages of structured questionnaire. The study of social sciences uses a structural questionnaire to study variables, such as opinions, preferences, beliefs and attitudes and the survey method is the best one for social and personal attitudes, facts and beliefs. Finally, the statistical analysis to find out empirical support for examines the assumed relationship between the variables. Findings: The research inspects the impact of the relationship between the client and the shipment and the cargo service. In addition, we highlight the benefits of blockchain technology in Bangladesh for the forwarding of customers and cargo relationship. Also, limit the practice of blockchain freight and shipping services to the consumer. Research Limitation: This study focuses only the relationship between customer and postal service. In addition, it shows the blockchain usages in customer transaction to understand the work positive impact. Originality: This is an introduction of Blockchain technology in customer service for better customer facility. The research introduces a digital tech to postal service for better supply delivery management.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 985-990