Ways to Reduce Cost of Living: A Case Study among Low Income Household in Kubang Pasu, Kedah, Malaysia

Siti Hadijah Che Mat, Munzarina Ahmad Samidi, Mukaramah Harun, Wan Roshidah Fadzim and Mohd Saifoul Zamzuri Noor

This study was conducted to examine and understand the spending behavior of low income households (B40), namely households with income of RM3800 and below. The study focused on the area Kubang Pasu District, Kedah. The data was collected from face to face interview based on structured questionnaire to respondents consisting of 124 head of household,randomly selected in the Kubang Pasu district. The findings reveal that the majority of these low-income household spend bigger percentage of their income on food items. Head of household work mostly in agricultural sector, forestry and fisheries, which accounted for 27%, and most of them have lower than RM2000 of monthly income. Respondents also stated that they have to engage in part time work and were forced to save money to cope with the rising cost of living. Various suggestions given by households to cope with the rising livingcosts which include the elimination of GST, financial aid by the government, and price control for goods and fuel.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 979-984