Marine Pollution as a Weakness Factor in Indonesian Ship Business Activity

Irma Rachmawati Maruf and Eddy Jusuf Supardi

The increasing use of ship for the carriage of goods, oil, passengers has been very useful for the growth of the industry and has benefit for all parties. On the other hand, there are many aspects of the hazards caused by ship pollution. Whereas, it needs an advance attention from the regulatory body and the general public as well. Since the marine environment plays very important role in maintaining the balance in the global ecosystem as a whole therefore the damage of environment will occur for long-term as serious weakness. The method of this research is to make analysis of key provisions of relevant laws upon the response of interested parties. Interviews were conducted with experts in the field of marine pollution such as judges including shipping companies. Based on the results of this study, it is obvious that every year ship accidents never decrease even though the government has made improvements in the regulations. Factors concerning Business Shipping are insufficient marine transportation safety, high risk, high cost of marine safety and marine environmental pollution.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 933-941