Investigating the Role of Gender and Education in De Lone and McLean’s Model: Case of PPDB Bandung City

Gadang Ramantokoa and Syadza Ghitha Zahiraha

This study investigated the role of “gender” and “education level” to DeLone - McLean’s Information system success model. The data was collected by distributing questionnaires to 150 users of Bandung PPDB’s Website by using purposive sampling technique and further processed using SEM-PLS and logistic regression analysis techniques. The result showed that information quality and system quality have positive significant influence on the use of Bandung PPDB’s Website. “Use” and “user satisfaction” affected “perceived benefit”. Gender played a moderating effect in the relationship of “system quality” to “use”, “system quality to “user satisfaction”, “service quality” to “use”, and “service quality” to “user satisfaction”, while education level play none in any relationship. The study might find beneficial for Bandung PPDB quality improvement.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 909-917