Future Construction: The Effect of Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 on Employment and the Way Forward

Salman Riazi Mehdi Riazi, Radzi Ismail, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi, Muhammad Fazlisha Shaharizan and Md Fauzi Ahmad

Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 epitomizes the industry trend of future development to run up to a more intelligent process. It will swift from manpower hands on work to automation system and digitalization involving the computer programming, latest software for construction project and high-tech construction methods. As a result, IR 4.0 is expected to bring significant impacts both in positive and negative ways but those are the challenges that human has to endure in order to conquer the future encounters in the upcoming days. This study aims to identify the effects of Industry Revolution 4.0 on employment as well as the way forward for the future. Literature reviews was carried on into these issues by reviewing past papers from databases such as Google Scholar and Research Gate. Then, to gain further insight, interviews were conducted of three (3) Malaysian construction industry experts whom each of them having a minimum of ten (10) years working experience. In the end, it was found that while there are possible negative influences on current employment trends, but IR 4.0 also offers many worthy value for construction industry especially from aspects of productivity, quality, competitiveness, etc. It also creates new job opportunities to meet the different level of needs. Thus, to remain competitive, moving into IR 4.0 is a positive thing for the industry as a whole.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 780-788