Design and Development of Pahang Black Sambal Cooking Machine for Small and Medium Enterprises

Noor Ashyrah Awang, A. Shah and Muhammad Firdhaus Che Hassan

Pahang Black Sambal is a traditional food derived from the areas around West Pahang namely Kuala Lips, Jerantut and Raub. This black sambal is uses the flavours of the people around West Pahang and has since become more popular throughout Malaysia. This emerging opportunity began to increase the interest of the young locals to empower the making of this type of sambal. Hence, various initiatives provided by the government attracts new entrepreneurs to venture into the Small and Medium Industry (SMI). This study is aimed at innovating the design and development of special machines to enhance the productivity of Pahang Black Sambal, thereby helping existing operators meet the growing demands of customers. The steps taken are target specifications, generate the concept, choose the concept and test the Black Sambal Cooking Machine. Then when the final specification and concepts are chosen, the development of the product can be done.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 758-769