The Mediating Role of Ethnocentrism in Predicting Malaysian Consumer Purchase Behavior

Nik Kamariah Nik Mat and Noor Hasmini Abd Ghani

The influx of foreign competition and products into Malaysia might lead to great losses in revenue for local producers and might in turn increases the trade imbalance of a country. A high rate of domestic purchase is a good push towards achieving high gross domestic product level (GDP). However, the actual domestic purchase behavior of consumers remains a mystery. Hence, the study objectives are two-folds: (1) to examine direct relationships of actual purchase and ethnocentrism and (2) to examine the mediation effects of ethnocentrism between the specified linkages. This study employs the quantitative research design using 37 items questionnaire to measure actual purchase, ethnocentrism, attitude, patriotism, conservatism and animosity. A sample of 485 responses were obtained from household consumers in selected housing estates. The data were analyzed using Smart PLS. The results showed eight significant direct relationships and four significant mediation effects of ethnocentrism on specified linkages. The result is discussed in terms of its significance to decision makers.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 663-672