Local Communities’ Perceptions on Factors Affecting Ecotourism Sustainability in Batang Lupar’s Maludam National Park

Tze Horng Tan, Kim Mee Chong, May Chiun Lo, Abang Azlan Mohamad and Yin Chai Wang

This paper investigates the relationship between ecotourism sustainability and its influencing factors in Batang Lupar, Sarawak. These factors are environmental, social-cultural and economic factors. The Maludam National Park is chosen as the main site and the respondents include the local communities along the Maludam Peninsular and the town of Sebuyau. Random sampling method is used and 96 questionnaires are collected. Data is analysed by using Smart PLS 3.0 with path modelling and bootstrapping. The findings show that the environmental and economic factors are significantly related to the ecotourism sustainability. However, the social-cultural hypothesis is not supported in this research. Discussion and suggestion for future research are provided. The findings are expected to benefit the local communities, tourism authorities, academic researchers and related stakeholders in understanding the landscape of ecotourism sustainability in the area.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 633-639